Communication Major

Become a Skilled Communicator Across a Variety of Settings and Mediums

Talk to someone before class. Watch a TikTok video. Read a blog. Listen to a podcast. Browse a website. We are communicating when we do any of these things. The means and methods of communication are constantly evolving, but the basic principles of communication remain the same – those principles are what we teach.

What makes the communication major at UNI unique is that the things you learn in a class can be put into practice immediately – building a set of skills and principles that will prepare you to adapt to our constantly changing world.

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In-Demand Skills

Effective communication skills are in high demand. Speaking, listening and critical thinking rank as three of the top five skills employers seek in potential workers.

Award-Winning Faculty

Our award-winning faculty are known for their engaging work in the classroom, as well as for having written, published and produced many respected publications and creative projects in the field of communication and beyond.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are encouraged for our communication majors, and our department works hard to place students in internships that foster their passion, grow their skills, and give them relevant, real-world experience in their area of interest.


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A communication major enables students to gain a wide variety of experience by offering courses in interpersonal communication, communication education, organizational communication, public advocacy, visual communication or performance studies. Common career areas for graduates of this major include:

  • Social and digital media 
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Journalism
  • Copywriting
  • Sales 
  • Customer service
  • Event management


Interpersonal Communication
Study of communication in relationships; exploration and experience with concepts and processes involved in one-to-one communication. 

Interactive Digital Communication
Examines introductory digital studies topics, including web development (HTML and CSS), visual grammar, the Creative Commons, and writing and designing for the web.

Oral Communication
Development of speaking and listening skills by studying the process and theory of communication and by applying communication principles to various speaking situations.

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Real-World Experience

In our department, there are countless ways to get involved beyond the classroom. Our students travel across the country to participate in speech and debate competitions, or to represent the university at conferences and programs where research and artistic works are presented. Students will find opportunities to work with us in programs such as the Interpreters Theatre, writing, designing, directing and acting in productions for many diverse audiences and purposes both on campus and off.

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