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Our program is innovative in that all students are “Communication and Media MA” students, who can then obtain one or multiple certificates which demonstrate competence in a variety of areas.

Students who want professional development, but do not wish to pursue a full MA degree, can obtain any or all of these certificates as standalone credentials. And, if students acquire a certificate, but later want to pursue an MA, those credits will apply to the MA degree plan, making it a smart choice for students wishing to obtain their credentials as it fits their schedule. Read more about these certificates below.

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Performance, Rhetoric & Advocacy

Flash mobs. Carnivals. White papers. Toxic tours. Policy briefs. Manifestos. Memes. Do you see yourself as a change-maker? This certificate trains you to seize moments of opportunity, develop skills of argument, and engage in novel forms of attention getting, community building, and expressing dissent. You will learn how to analyze, organize, and execute advocacy work in a variety of contexts. This certificate supports your personal and professional goals of working in political campaigns, higher education, community organizations, and/or non-profit groups.‌

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Strategic Communication

Enhance your ability to promote your organization's image, facilitate relationships between your company and stakeholders, and develop talent within your workplace. The skills you build through our curriculum will have immediate applications to workplace concerns such as image/brand management, organizational administration, and social media curation. This certificate will help you improve your organization’s reputation in today’s saturated media landscape.

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Communication Education & Training

Develop your instructional practice and the ability to promote effective communication skills through this certificate. Coursework provides deep knowledge of teaching at the college level, training in organizations, and fostering positive work relationships. Upon developing mastery in this area, you will excel in instructional and organizational practices, such as teaching in higher education, articulating organizational vision and mission plans, developing teaching and training programs, and assessing team and class communication.

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Organizational Communication & Inclusive Leadership (online)

Learn how to successfully integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your organization. Through this certificate, you will understand principles of effective leadership in building workplace relationships, managing organizational crises, and appreciating identity. You will learn to be an inclusive and effective leader with the ability to enhance organizational productivity through collaborative practice.

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Visual Communication & Digital Media

Do you have a story to tell? A cause to support? A campaign to launch? Do you wish to educate, influence, advocate, or inspire? This certificate gives you powerful tools to understand and use traditional and new forms of digital media. Through projects and research, you will learn to create, disseminate, and critically analyze images, digital media, and embodied communication. With this certificate, expand your potential to reach new audiences with the power of media.

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