Digital Imaging Bundle

Digital Imaging is a bit like doing magic with visual data. Since every pixel can be changed, moved or deleted, there are endless creative possibilities with graphics, photographs, and digital imaging. Imaging is oriented towards optimizing the capturing, uploading, manipulating and outputting of visual data using digital imaging software and printing tools. 

Offered through the Graphic Technology program, students taking Imaging classes will work in a lab to create tangible products from digital files. You will learn to print on any imaginable surface – such as cloth, paper, glass, wood, plastic, vinyl, ceramics, and metal – to output an incredible variety of graphic tech creations: stickers, vinyl wall coverings, t-shirts, car wraps, mugs, plaques, postcards, brochures, and books. You will work with the latest in printing technology and have marketable skills when you graduate. 

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The Digital Imaging bundle pairs well with: 


Today, with our intensely visual culture, entire new fields are emerging because of our ability to manipulate digital files at increasingly higher levels. The Imaging bundle, which is more product oriented, is a popular companion to the Visualization bundle, which is more design oriented. 


Since Imaging teaches you how to lay out and print brochures, booklets, or pamphlets, or promotional material, you may also want to know how to write smart copy through the Writing bundle. 

Graphic Design

Learning and practicing graphic design principles can help you advance your artistic skill set and help you work towards portfolio pieces that can generate job interviews. To this end, we recommend that you investigate classes in UNI’s Graphic Design program, housed in the UNI Department of Art. 

digital imaging

Career Possibilities

  • Digital Imaging Specialist
  • Digital Pre-Press Manager
  • Desktop Operator/Digital Pre-media
  • Pre-press Technician
  • Digital Press Operator
  • Graphic Specialist
  • Digital Production Artist
  • Digital Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Department Managers
  • imaging specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Vinyl Technician

Associated Student Organizations

GraphX Club

This club runs as a business that designs and produces customized and individual products from a wide variety of print methods. Members can gain real world experiences outside of the classroom and can enhance their resumes for future employers, gain incredible skills, and work together to design and print products such as shirts, brochures, posters, mugs, bags, canvas wraps, and vinyl products. 

Digital Collective

Geared towards student collaboration, creativity, experimentation, and job preparation, this organization helps creative and tech-savvy students meet each other across disciplines and learn about the professional expectations of digital industry jobs. The Digital Collective supports speakers, industry hops, and general networking.‌

Uprising Magazine

Uprising magazine brings attention to current fashion trends and social justice issues to University of Northern Iowa students. Uprising exposes a variety of fashions, art, and cultures to inspire readers. Published once each semester, Uprising creates impressions through artistic design, articles, photographs and cultural news.