Digital Music Bundle

The Digital Music bundle combines music with digital technology. Based in the School of Music and connected to the Music Technology major/minor, students in this bundle are often interested in musical composition (especially electronic composition) and often start in Music Technology and add the IDS Digital Music Bundle, or the reverse.

Digital Music students are interested in exploring the intersection between sound, images, and technology, with a twist and emphasis on the digital.

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Digital Music pairs well with:

Computation/Web Development

Creatives interested in composing tracks or sound effects for video games, 3D environments, multimedia productions, projection mapping, or Internet apps have successfully paired Digital Music with Computation, or Web Development.


You might also want to use this bundle towards creating live multimedia theater productions or become skilled in real-time video mixing and compositing (vj-ing) to create vj loops, motion backgrounds, or 3D textures, one of the latest digital music trends. 


Digital Music also pairs beautifully with the Digital Advertising bundle. For example, you may be interested in producing your own music, promoting it online, and building a savvy social media presence. 

student looking at music on laptop

Career Possibilities

  • Digital Music Composer
  • Audio Technician
  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Audio Coordinator
  • Composer
  • Audio Designer
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Theatrical Sound Designer
  • Live Event Production
  • VJ Loop Designer
  • Corporate Event Production
  • Game Sound Design/Music Composition
  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Film/TV Sound Design

Associated Student Organizations

Laptop Ensemble

Operating as a 1-credit class, Laptop Ensemble focuses on the use of laptops and electronic instruments in performance. The ensemble explores non-traditional scores (graphic and animated scores), free improvisation, and works composed by ensemble members. Expected common topics of conversation include human-computer interaction, sound synthesis and processing, coding, score interpretation/adaptation, technology troubleshooting, performance practice, improvisation, and composition for electronic instruments.  No previous electronic music experience or audition is required. ‌

Digital Collective

Geared towards student collaboration, creativity, experimentation, and job preparation, this organization helps creative and tech-savvy students meet each other across disciplines and learn about the professional expectations of digital industry jobs. The Digital Collective supports speakers, industry hops, and general networking. 


KULT Radio at 94.5 FM and streaming at a student-staffed radio station, and the first low power FM to go on the air in Iowa.Students can participate as DJs and work in news, sports, production, and sales.