Web Development Bundle

The Web Development bundle is designed to provide a solid foundation in the essential skills expected from today’s web development professional.

Drawing upon classes in the Departments of Computer ScienceCommunication and Media, and Marketing and Entrepreneurship, the bundle aims to prepare a full-stack professional – a person with expertise covering some of the most important segments of the web development process. 

Students who take the bundle will learn:

  • Client-side and server-side programming
  • Basic database design and operation
  • HTML markup and CSS styling
  • Principles of web and app design
  • General principles of visual communication and digital visualization, including principles of developing web strategy through the lens of digital marketing that include personal development, journey mapping and wireframing – the core components of user experience (UX) design. 

The Web Development bundle pairs well with:


User experience (UX) is often a vibrant part of marketing and project management Web Development combined with Advertising can lead to a strong focus in UX and Project Management careers.


Applying code to data can lead to digital journalism careers that focus on data visualization and digital storytelling, or an academic track in the digital humanities and digital publishing.


The more code and programming languages you know the better you will be prepared for both Front End and Back End Development jobs needed in every industry, from marketing to the media, from insurance to manufacturing. 

student in front of code

Possible Careers

There's a high demand for the web design and coding skills associated with this bundle. A senior Drupal developer, for example, can easily earn $145,00 a year. An Accessibility Expert is a critical component of every major web design today. Publishing and media environments have moved to the Web and need employees well-versed in code to foster this transition. 

Other career possibilities include:

  • ‌Front End Web Designer
  • Web Developer or App Developer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Accessibility Expert
  • UI or UX Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Management System Developer
  • Drupal Developer or Support Engineer
  • Word Press Developer, Designer or Engineer

Associated Student Organizations

UNI Computer Club

UNI Computer Club brings together students and faculty interested in discussing computer-related topics. The UNICC is a student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and is open to all majors.

Digital Collective

Geared towards student collaboration, creativity, experimentation, and job preparation, this organization helps creative and tech-savvy students meet each other across disciplines and learn about the professional expectations of digital industry jobs. The Digital Collective supports speakers, industry hops, and general networking. 


The UNI chapter of the American Advertising Federation is an organization for students who are passionate about the future of the advertising industry. The group invites marketers, designers, writers, researchers, creatives, analysts, thinkers, producers, coders, strategists, and anyone thinking about a professional career in advertising, communications, media, or design.

Women in Computing

Women in Computing is a group to encourage women and minorities within the computing and technology field through outreach, leadership, fellowship, and service. This organization is a great support system for women, who are a minority in computer science. Most meetings are open to all interested UNI students and faculty, regardless of major or gender.

Web Development Contacts

Eugene Wallingford

For more information, contact Dr. Eugene Wallingford, head of the UNI Department of Computer Science, at wallingf@cs.uni.edu

Ryan McGeough

For more information, contact Dr. Ryan McGeough, head of the UNI Department of Communication and Media, at ryan.mcgeough@uni.edu