>>Application Deadline: Friday, May 5, 5 p.m.<<

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must be a UNI Digital Media major, junior or senior status, enrolled full-time at the University of Northern Iowa for the 2023-24 academic year.
  2. You must complete an online application and submit all required attachments for review by the UNI Digital Media faculty committee.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

1. The IBA Foundation Scholarship Application Form. (Download here - fill out in Microsoft Word.)

2. A 2.5 GPA or better in Digital Media major coursework, verified by current transcripts.

3. Financial Need. Finalists will submit a FAFSA or Student Aid Report to verify this.

4. Review of your Scholarship Statement, which should include:

  • Your commitment to a career in the media industry, with a special emphasis in radio and television broadcasting.

  • The importance of a university education to you in reaching your career goals.

  • The skills and interests you have which would contribute to a career in the media industry. These may include skills demonstrated by your extra-curricular activities, work, and other relevant experiences both on and off- campus.

  • Your financial need, and how this scholarship will help you afford your college education.

5. Review of your Two Letters of Reference.

  •    Applicants should have TWO or more references submit letters of recommendation.
  •    At least one letter must be from an academic source.

Send all elements to Dr. Christopher Martin, martinc [at} uni.edu by the deadline. Reference letter writers may send letters directly to him.