Digital Writing Bundle

In a digital age, writing is more important than ever. Online, content is king – it is the lifeblood of the social web.

The Digital Writing bundle prepares you to compose, edit, publish, and manage writing on digital publishing platforms. This bundle can help you imagine and navigate the kinds of writing that digital content needs, from websites and interactive apps to proposals for digital game narratives. Any student interested in experiences such as creative writing, publishing, social media relations, or providing organizations with a digital presence would benefit from this bundle.

Based in the Professional Writing minor in the Department of Languages and Literatures, the Digital Writing bundle is a place where students can:

  • Learn about the latest developments in electronic literature, interactive poetry, and nonlinear narratives (as found in digital games)
  • Explore the digital humanities, whose projects combine writing with data, storytelling, and interactivity
  • Learn grant-writing skills to fund such interdisciplinary projects

The Digital Writing bundle pairs well with: 

Video or Imaging

Combine writing with visuality and become more proficient in visual communication. The Video bundle helps you tell digital stories with moving images; and the Imaging bundle can help you move your technical writing to a visual printed format.  


The Visualization bundle helps you bring your story – which might include photographs, animated gifs or cinemagraphs, or CSS animation – to the Web, using visualize elements to tell your story in a more engaging fashion.

Computation, Web Development, Mapping

Programming and code can help an ambitious writing student enter the field of digital humanities and pursue complicated, data driven digital mapping and interactive web-based projects. 

students with laptop

Career Possibilities

  • Digital Content Creator
  • Impact Writer
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Editorial Manager
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Content Specialist
  • Manager, E-mail and Digital Operations
  • Wikipedian
  • Digital publicist
  • Copywriter
  • Ad Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Project Lead 
  • Digital Humanities professor
  • Grant writer

The Northern Iowan

The Northern Iowan is the University of Northern Iowa's independent student newspaper, established in 1892. The NI publishes twice a week during the academic year, and regularly at At the NI, students of all  majors can find opportunities to gain knowledge and practical experience in a variety of areas. For opportunities in writing, editing, newspaper design, data visualization, photography, ad design, web design, and circulation management see to contact the Executive Editor or academic advisors.

Digital Writing Contacts

For more information about the Digital Writing bundle, contact:

  • Dr. David Grant, associate professor in the UNI Department of Languages and Literatures, at
  • Dr. Adrienne Lamberti, associate professor in the UNI Department of Languages and Literatures, at
  • Dr. Jim O’Loughlin, head of the UNI Department of Languages and Literatures, at