Frequently Asked Questions

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Advising holds:

Are added to students for specific reasons (i.e. GPA, first semester on campus, etc.)  To remove an advising hold,  or want to discuss classes, please schedule a time for us to meet as close to your registration time as possible:

To schedule you can click on my calendar and select a time to meet after your registration date and time are open.  I encourage you to schedule as soon as dates/times populate as appointments fill quickly!  Please know during registration time, our meeting focus will be Summer and Fall Registration.  During this time, no plans of study will be created.  I will be happy to meet after registration ends to assist with Plans of Study.


Biology Advising Office: 143 McCollum Science Hall.

My available times are typically 7:45 a.m. to 10:30 am and 12:30 pm to 3 pm. If you are needing different time options please email me to make arrangements.

 Information on other HOLDS:

MMR - Documentation of your immunizations needs to be documented in the Student Health Center.  For more information, contact the Student Health Center at 

Financial - For further information on financial holds, please contact Financial Aid at
Transcript - This hold indicates the need for UNI Admissions to receive a financial transcript.  Please contact Admissions in Gilchrist or at
Dean of Students Hold - Students need to complete the mandatory Sexual Assault training online.  Please see hold for additional information
Terms & Conditions - Financial Aid Terms and Conditions need to be completed.  This hold is currently active and may be resolved in less than 10 minutes.  Students may go to their Student Information Center to resolve (see below):

Holds requirements should be satisfied before March 25th.  To see if you have a hold, refer to your student center.  Holds can be found in your student center at:


If you have a hold, it will appear in the Hold Box.  To determine what you need to do to resolve the hold, click on the details link in the box.