Internship Opportunities

Gain experience, build your resume

Internships are a great way to apply knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience, giving you a chance to explore different career paths and specializations that suit your interests.

In addition, the extra experience gained through an internship will boost your marketability. In fact, students who graduate with internship experiences are more likely than students without those experiences to find employment upon graduation.

Students in a field taking notes.

Past Internships

  • University North Florida: Costal Biology Research with Bottlenose Dolphins 
  • University of Minnesota Medical School: Life Sciences Summer Program – Research in Cancer 
  • Boston Medical: Summer Neuroscience and Neurosurgery Program 
  • University of Iowa Summer Health Program (SHPEP) 
  • Des Moines University Summer Scholar Program 
  • AmeriCorps: Positions on campus, in Iowa and nationwide