About the Botanical Center

Since 1938 the UNI Botanical Center is home to a curated collection of plants from around the world.  Botanical Center specimens have been studied and enjoyed by generations of students, faculty, staff and public visitors.

Two full time staff are assisted by UNI students who have an opportunity to learn horticultural techniques, while maintaining an extraordinary plant collection. Through the Botanical Center, UNI students are offered the unique experience of:

  • Tranquil, tropical environments to study or relax within.
  • Learning the relationships of plant diversity.
  • Plant adaptations to climate and ecosystems.
  • Live plant material provided for various Biology courses.

Botanical Center Staff

Care of the plant collection is provided by the Botanical Center Staff. Climate control, watering, nutrient feeding and pest control are primary care activities. A limited number of students are supervised and instructed to assist in plant care, propagation and botanical center maintenance. Research plants are cared for by the individual students and faculty involved.


Botanical Center Hours

Guests are always welcome Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for self-guided tours. (Closed some Fridays for maintenance.)



Community Education

Botanical Center staff offer on-site workshops as well as tours for local youth, senior citizens and civic groups. The Center also serves as a cooperative work site for local high school students.

Volunteer Opportunities

UNI students and community members find unique opportunities to volunteer at the Botanical Center. 



Biology Preserve Trails

In addition to Botanical Center operations, staff also oversee & maintain the trail system on the UNI Biology Preserves.