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The IDS major is a customizable program of study that can be personalized to your own interests. It consists of four foundation courses, any two digital “bundles” of your choice and an internship.

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The IDS minor is a great tech-fueled addition to any specialized major program of study. It consists of the four IDS foundation courses and one “bundle” of study.

What are bundles?

Each IDS “bundle” is made up of five courses in eight different areas of emphasis. Each bundle is sponsored by a different department. There are also global bundles offered through partner institutions.

How do bundles work? IDS majors select any two bundles - creating their own personalized program of study. Minors select one bundle.

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What do all ids students learn?

  • Digility: You will develop agile creativity through immersion in new technology.
  • Ideas Matter: You will be able to critically engage with the ethical, economic and social challenges of our increasingly digital world.
  • Collaboration is king: You will demonstrate effective collaboration competencies.
  • Confident Self Learning: You will develop the confidence to approach new digital interfaces, applications and programming languages to problem-solve independent of peers or instructors
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What skills will I learn?

All ids majors and minors take the same four core classes to develop skills in communication, creativity, context and culture.

Communication: Interactive Digital Communication I gives you a solid foundation in creative digital production skills and creative problem-solving. You will learn to design and code website.

Creativity: Interactive Digital Communication II builds on IDC1 and offers students a more comprehensive understanding of web tools, emerging media, and cross-disciplinary projects. You will learn to creatively articulate big ideas.

Context: Mass Communication and Society recognizes that every media industry has been drastically impacted by the Internet and the digital turn. It combines discussions about technology, history and society to show how media industries and audiences create our culture.

Culture: Digital Culture and Communication examines the Internet as a positive, social networked sphere with a thriving creative commons, as well as how our digital culture is increasingly plagued by government and corporate surveillance and data collection. Students will also  explore how our reliance on digital tools affects our daily lives in complicated ways.

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There are 10 IDS Bundles

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Digital Advertising

Learn to build strong brands and execute strategic campaigns to promote ideas, businesses, and organizations.

  • Social media marketing
  • Ad campaign development
  • Digital customer experience

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Make digital experiences possible with high-level code.

  • Data management
  • User interface design
  • Software design

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Digital History

Engage the public in digital history projects and collaborate with museums, libraries, and schools. 

  • Digital archiving
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Historical narratives

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Digital Imaging

Explore the in’s and out’s of visual graphics in print and digital publishing.

  • Computer graphics
  • Digital photographs
  • Merchandising

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Digital Mapping

Connect information to the real world with geographic tools and interactive media.

  • Drone videography
  • Data visualization
  • Geographic information science (G.I.S.)

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Digital Music

Manipulate sound with the latest digital technologies and techniques.

  • Music production
  • Audio recording
  • Digital composition

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Digital Video

Capture footage in the field or studio and edit video stories. Create documentary and experimental films.

  • Digital video production
  • Post-production editing and effects
  • TV studio production

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Digital Visualization

Through project-focused coursework, tell stories with emerging interactive media.

  • Creative data visualization
  • Keyframe animations
  • Augmented reality

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Web Development

Build websites and work with related tools for web-based programming.

  • Javascript
  • Web interactivity 
  • Responsive design

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Digital Writing

Publish your work on a variety of digital platforms.

  • Creative writing
  • Grant writing
  • Web content

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